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Totally Incredible. Being here is like being part of nature itself. It’s amazing and everyday there’s something new to see.

Jane Mallison14 Feb 2018

An idyllic setting for anyone who favours the countryside. Stunning contemporary cabins surrounded by lakes, fields and trees. Frisby Lakes lodge park represents luxury in every sense of the word.

George James21 August 2017

Beautiful idyllic peaceful place with amazing views friendly atmosphere and lovely local pubs, if you want to break away from the harsh routine of life this is truly the place to be to wind down and enjoy life

Angela Palmer18 June 2017

In developing the lodge park, we want to harness the beauty surrounding us but recognise the importance of sustainability and technology. We offer exceptional energy efficient lodges, with eco-friendly appliances, low maintenance finishes and a 10-year guarantee so that you and future generations will continue to enjoy the park and its habitat in all its glory. We want our owners to embrace the relaxing lifestyle and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that made us relocate from London to the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

Sharon SheridanManaging Director – Finlog Developments Limited

Our solid log lodge is cosy, especially when the log burner is lit and we hunker down listening to the raindrops on the roof. We love the incredible wildlife and in particular the variety of birds that visit our feeders. Walking around the lake with our dog is very special, as every time there is something new to see.

Ron & JudyOwners

Having worked on groundwork projects nationally, we are happy to be local and helping develop Frisby Lakes Lodge Park. Formally a quarry site we’ve moved 1000’s of tonnes of soil, deposited loads of hardcore and dug meters of trench for pipes and ducting. It will be great to get the top soil on and the roads in place for phases 1 & 2, confident in the infrastructure and ready for the expansion in to phases 3, 4 and 5. Being local, it’s great to support the project as we understand the characteristics of the land.

Richard FentonR J Fenton Plant Hire & Groundworks

We were pleased to be invited by Rob and Sharon to see what birdlife was using Frisby Lakes. The area has some great habitat and a diverse range of species are already in residence. Their long-term aim is to monitor and further develop the wetlands to encourage bird species to feed, breed and roost in the area.

Following our visit we aim to recruit volunteers to help with conservation tasks linked to our aims.
Practical steps we hope to take include:-

Clearing islands to create breeding sites for terns and waders.
Installing a Sand Martin bank.
Constructing and erecting bird boxes for species such as Barn Owl.
Maintaining and improving the natural food supplies at the site.
Improving the viewing opportunities for bird watching.
With all these plans it will be great that at some future date we can look back with pride at our success in conserving and enhancing the bird life of Frisby Lakes.

Roger BrettLROS

Hi all just thought we’d say how delighted with our Lodge built as expected on schedule and just as was promised the help Rob and Sharon in planning the layout was really thought through in great detail any snags (which we haven’t had ) would have been resolved as promised and would recommend these fantastic builds Love it


30 years ago (omg!), I was fishing here at both the main and small pits at Frisby
I could never imagine that one day id own a luxury holiday home here.
For me anyway, this is a major Quality of life investment and it just had to be right before I would commit.
Consequently I was a regular visitor for meetings with the management team here asking everything I could think
and going over the plans and business model many times.
Im sure many park managers would have pushed the “hard-sell” and I would have had to walk away
but Robert and Sharon and the team were always friendly and patient all along and im so pleased now that I
made the commitment.

It has greatly impressed me the depth and detail of planning for the sites development and future that
the guys from Finlog have put in, bringing so many years of intricate experience and knowledge, not only of
bespoke solid lodge construction but also of the industry itself and the way other lodge parks work.

I have been at the park now for just a few months and look forward to many years more as it is a
“life tonic” which naturally boosts your well being, all round health and feelings of peaceful reflection.
It had actually been many years since I just sat and watched the day coming to an end, the birds to roost and the sun to set.
It’s a lovely feeling when driving back to the park. Approaching from a few miles away I start to feel any stress lift
and a relaxation on returning to the perfect location in the Leicestershire countryside.

Being here…………….just helps reflect on the general hustle and bustle of life nowadays
and all the commercial and societal pressures we are continuely besieged with…………….

You just need to be somewhere you love to be!

Colin Clark
nature pic