Frisby Lakes aims to establish itself as a pioneering force in the holiday park industry by prioritising environmental sustainability and continuous improvement. Through the adoption of sustainable practices, such as advanced wastewater treatment, renewable energy solutions, and eco-friendly construction methods, the project aims to revolutionise the holiday park experience and minimize the park’s ecological impact.

The project’s core focus is on environmental conservation, with plans to expand the nature reserve, restore habitats, and actively engage in wildlife conservation efforts. By safeguarding and enhancing the park’s natural surroundings, Frisby Lakes aims to create a sanctuary for biodiversity and inspire other holiday parks to follow suit.

In addition, the project strives for ongoing innovation through collaboration with sustainability and ecotourism experts. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Frisby Lakes aims to remain at the forefront of sustainable practices, encouraging the holiday park industry to embrace proactive environmental initiatives.

Ultimately, the Frisby Lakes Project aims to showcase the practicality and advantages of sustainable practices, driving positive transformation across the industry. It envisions a future where holiday parks are synonymous with environmental responsibility and innovative approaches that harmonize nature and leisure.

PROJECT ACHIEVEMENTS: Finlog, as the developers of Frisby Lakes Holiday Park, have not only transformed the park itself but have also extended their expertise and values to assist other developers, families, and businesses in building sustainably using timber. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, Finlog has played a pivotal role in guiding these entities towards adopting sustainable practices and embracing their core values.
Finlog has showcased the benefits and possibilities of constructing buildings with sustainably sourced materials. This has inspired other developers to prioritise eco-conscious construction methods, reducing the environmental impact of new developments.
Furthermore, Finlog has provided guidance and support to families and businesses, helping them navigate the transition towards sustainability. 

Finlog has not only positively influenced the immediate community surrounding Frisby Lakes Holiday Park but has also contributed to a wider movement towards sustainable development. Their efforts have helped create a network of like-minded individuals and businesses that are collectively working towards a more environmentally responsible future.

By championing sustainable timber construction and actively assisting others in adopting their values, Finlog has become a trusted leader in the industry, setting an example for others to follow.

Frisby Lakes represents a significant endeavour encompassing the beautiful 110-acre site, with a lodge park covering only 10 acres while the remaining land is dedicated to conservation areas, lakes, woodlands, and public footpaths. Originally engaged as log building manufacturers, we assumed control of Frisby Lakes at the request of the Landowner. Guided by our enduring environmental ethos, which traces back to our landscaping origins in the 1980s and has flourished at Frisby Lakes, we have invested an unwavering commitment, personal assets, and life savings into this project.

Recognizing the site’s potential for biodiversity, our goal has been to create a sustainable, and enduring legacy for Finlog, as we eventually plan to retire and relish the tranquillity it offers. The project so far has cost an estimated £1.2 million, which has been financed through the sale of personal assets by the owners, including their London-based family home, along with revenues from Finlog’s sales.

When Finlog assumed control, the site predominantly comprised remnants of a former quarry. Since then, it has been transformed into a magnificent park featuring a nature reserve, nature ponds, wildflower meadows, a kitchen garden, an orchard, public footpath and abundant wildlife. This accomplishment led to Frisby Lakes being honoured with the prestigious Gold David Bellamy Award in its inaugural year. In addition, Finlog actively advises other developers on how to emulate and nurture a similar innovative approach to holiday park developments.

Beyond the physical enhancements, Finlog has successfully nurtured a strong sense of community within Frisby Lakes Holiday Park. By organising regular social events, fostering open communication channels, and encouraging a spirit of inclusivity, they have created an environment where residents and visitors feel like they belong. This sense of community has led to new friendships, increased resident satisfaction, and a shared commitment to preserving the park’s beauty and tranquillity.

The remarkable turnaround of Frisby Lakes Holiday Park serves as a wake-up call to the broader holiday park industry. The distressing experiences faced by customers of other parks highlight the need for regulatory measures to ensure the fair treatment of holiday park guests. It is imperative that industry-wide standards be established to safeguard the interests and well-being of customers and in many cases their life savings.

Furthermore, the positive transformation of Frisby Lakes demonstrates the immense potential for holiday parks to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible. By integrating sustainable practices, preserving natural habitats, and fostering a strong sense of community, holiday parks can become powerful catalysts for positive change in the tourism sector.

The success story of Frisby Lakes Holiday Park should inspire policymakers, industry leaders, and developers to rethink their approach and embrace responsible practices. The introduction of regulations that enforce ethical conduct, environmental sustainability, and community engagement will not only protect customers but also ensure the long-term viability and desirability of holiday parks across the country.

As Frisby Lakes Holiday Park celebrates the final phase of its development journey under Finlog’s stewardship, the park stands as a symbol of hope and progress for the entire industry. By recognizing the importance of regulation, environmental stewardship, and community development, holiday parks can truly become cherished destinations, offering unforgettable experiences for generations to come.

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